Insanity – Expecting Different Results

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Albert Einstein

Another year gone by.  The magic of our first Christmas together was not recaptured yesterday.  I was however reminded of the quote above from Albert Einstein.

We were in the kitchen and I had started to cry after receiving criticism regarding his Christmas gifts.  I asked him why he cannot be gracious when given a gift.  Then it hit me.  The same scenarios play out over and over again in our relationship and yet I continue to get upset over them.   Why do I allow this to happen?  Why do I expect anything different?  I need to stop the insanity and realize that he is not going to change.  I remembered the Einstein quote aloud during our discussion.   It helped calm me down and I continued making Christmas dinner.

After that he seemed to make an effort to say a few nice things.  I just wish he’d take a good hard look at his behavior, but that might reveal more than he cares to know.  So many times I’ve asked him to go to couples counseling with me.  He doesn’t want someone looking inside his head.  Doesn’t he want things to be better between us?  I’m just not sure I can do it alone.

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