Out of Sync

Then – January 17, 1998

I stayed home on Thursday and went to the doctor.  I feel much better now.  I also went to see my hairdresser and got my haircut.  After my appointment we went out to a country western bar – gay of course.  It was fun actually.  He is totally hot for one of the other guys there – what tension.  They just really need to get together.  I hope they don’t waste too much time.  Life is too short.

Friday night I went with my friend  to see her man sing with his quartet.  They were excellent.  They were at the Roxy.  We danced afterwards.  It was okay.   So far today I’ve talked with my new man three times.  I called him at 3am my time to wake him up and send him on his way to Boston.   He was very cute and sleepy.  I can’t wait to wake up with him every day.  He called me at 7:30am my time and of course I was still sleeping.  He also called around 11:30 to make sure I was up.  I was, barely.  I needed some sleep.  I went to the storage locker here in LA and am now going to begin packing.  I’m not sure where to begin.

Now –

So much changes in a relationship.  I couldn’t wait to wake up with him every morning.  Now he usually wakes up about three hours after I do.  I get up to get the kids to school and he sleeps until after 9am.  Of course then I’m tired at night and go to bed just about right after the kids are settled and in their beds.  It doesn’t make for great together time.  Our lives are definitely out of sync.


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