Who Could Ask for More?

Then – January 28, 1998 (After the trip to NYC)

He is the most amazing, loving, intelligent, sweet, good looking man I have ever known – and the sex isn’t bad either.  What did I do to deserve this?  I think it may just be my turn to be truly happy.  Let’s recap the weekend.  I don’t want to forget.

I arrived Friday night.  It was great to be in his arms again.  My flight was late and only one of two planes that was allowed to land at JFK.  Thank goodness I was on one of them.  He held me and kissed me at the gate – I knew I was home.  All the worry really is for nothing.  He had also purchased a beautiful coat for me.  He has very good taste.  The scarf he got to go with it was a black velvet material to match the hood.  It is gorgeous.  We took a cab home and got some pizza on the corner.  It wasn’t bad.  He seemed to think I was tired, but when he discovered me in my gray and black nightgown, he knew better.  It is so wonderful to be with someone you love.

Saturday started with lucky charms in bed (the cereal).  We went to the pet store and got supplies for my cat that is moving to NYC with me.   We went to the mall where he got me gloves and an evening bag to match my coat.  We got a coffee maker, blender and salt and pepper grinder for the kitchen.  It’s starting to feel like home.  We had lunch at the mall.

Saturday evening was truly great.  We went a saw a show.  It was simple, but seeing two aging stars on stage from my past was nostalgic.  On to dinner – we were seated very late, but I enjoyed my time waiting for our table in the bar.  We were the youngest couple in the entire establishment – and a very cute couple at that.  We had a delicious bottle of champagne, followed by a wonderful meal.

Sunday we went to the grocery and to another show called Blue Man Group.  They were incredible.  He knew I’d like it and I did.  We sat in the front row and had plastic smocks to wear.  Not a good sign.  I can’t exactly say what I saw, but it was artistic and funny.  I got to hold up the marbles and turned blue from holding one of the blue man’s hands.  It felt good to be in the spotlight.  I was radiant with love.  I was radiant with new experiences.

We later went to eat at the around the clock diner.  We got to see the end of the Super Bowl. Yeah!  Denver finally won.

Monday morning he made me French toast.  It was very tasty.  We stopped in at the office briefly and then went up to the park.  We walked through the park and had a hot dog and a pretzel.  We took a cab back to the kitchen store, bought soufflé dishes and went home.  We worked out at the gym.  That night we went to dinner at a famed seafood restaurant.  Prior to dinner I managed to get myself upset over what I was wearing and then I proceeded to want to take it out on the waiter who thoroughly annoyed me.  Once we ordered he was gone, however.  That and a bottle of wine helped the evening get better.  The food was incredible.

Tuesday I got some time to myself which was great.  I cleaned the kitchen – not that he noticed!  I also went to the gym.  Then I went to meet him for lunch.  We ate with two men who work in another one of their offices.  They were very funny.  The pizza was good too.  I looked for jobs on the internet and talked to the folks at work and took off around 4pm to do errands for dinner.  I got some goodies at bath shop on the way home, sweat pants at a different store, wine and bread and headed home to make dinner.  No pressure.  Dinner turned out okay.  Dessert was great.  I just made a pasta dish.  It was good before, but flat this time.  I made chocolate soufflé with whipped cream for dessert.  He helped with dessert.   For some reason I got stressed after dinner and we had a chat.  I am so not used to sharing my feelings with someone.  He said he hoped someday I would trust him enough to tell him what makes me cry.  He said he’d wait.  I think I like him just a little too much.

This brings us to today.  I went to the store and got goodies for an omelet.  It was pretty good.  I packed up the few things I would take back to LA, left most of my stuff behind, since in three weeks I’ll be living there, yeah!  We spent time at the airport together.  I learned more about his work than I had in the past few weeks.  He is truly brilliant, but I always knew that.  Smart, sensitive and good looking – what a combination.  I still don’t understand how I got so lucky.

So far I’ve spent about ten days with this man.  It may very well turn into a life time.


Now – Need I write more?  It was a fairly tale come true.  My first husband was reluctant to have to wear anything other than jeans and tennis shoes.  Now I was with a man who lived in Manhattan and showered me with amazing experiences and things.  Plus he only wore athletic shoes to the gym.  All the things I craved during my first marriage of eight years were being satisfied.  Who could ask for more?

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