Godiva Chocolates

Then – February 18, 1998

Well, we’re taking off now on the way to New York and the cat is quiet.  Let’s hope it lasts for the next six hours.  On the 13th my soon to be live in boyfriend and the Godiva delivery man arrived at the same time.  I wasn’t sure whom to greet first!  Overall it’s been a great weekend.

He and I got everything taken care of and managed to have some fun too.  He is an amazing man – I can only hope that he will love me for a very long time.  Valentine’s Day was the best ever.  He and a fireplace make a good combination.  Dinner was good at Spago’s, but dinner at Off Vine was the best.  It really is one of the best places to kiss in Los Angeles.

The move overall has gone extremely well.  The moving people make it very easy.  Let’s hope the flight is too.

February 19, 1998

It’s my first full day in New York.  Tomorrow I have even more on my ‘to do’ list.  The flight went okay and the cat only meowed once.  We unzipped her bag and pet her and she went back to sleep for a few more hours.  She has really adjusted to the new place well.  I think she knows she’s safe because she’s with us.  She is really taking to him – yeah!  While there is still a lot up in the air, I feel better just being here and having the move behind me.  It will take time, but this place will start to feel like my home too.

Now –

I was just reading another blog about living life with passion and adventure.  What an adventure this all was, so many years ago.  I was so willing to disrupt my life to be with this man,  who is now my husband.   There are no guarantees.  Life is long.  As things have changed for the worse, they can also improve.

I had left the house for the day on Valentine’s Day and had put some chocolates where he usually eats  breakfast at the table.   I wasn’t brave enough to make a card.  What would it say?  I came home to find my favorite Godiva chocolates where my computer rests on the kitchen counter.   Would they have been there had I not left chocolate for him?  Who knows?   But I’ll take them and enjoy every last truffle.

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