For years I have worked on a project with the schools in our area.  We even started a foundation to support the efforts.  It has gained momentum and grown over the years.  Recently an article was written in a local publication about the work of the foundation.  I can’t wait to see the hard copy.  I shared with him that we had been interviewed almost a year ago and the article finally made it to print.  I barely got a nod.

In the past I have expressed to him how hurtful it is that he does not take an interest in what I have spent so much of my life on during the past six years.  Even if he doesn’t support it in principle, why not be proud of my accomplishments?  That he does not support it in principle already tells me that our priorities are not in sync.  The fact that he cannot even acknowledge that the work has been successful is seriously annoying.   After his lack of response, I continued making dinner and working in the kitchen, as if his lack of response didn’t bother me.  In fact, I think I had convinced myself that I wasn’t going to let it bother me until I started writing today.  I am so thankful for everyone in my life who loves and respects me.  Maybe he loves me, but a little respect would go a long way.

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