The Rest of Our Lives

Then – March 6, 1998

On Wednesday we rented a little boat and did not have much luck sailing it.  Another gentleman from the shore tried to help us turn the boat but for some reason it wasn’t successful.  We did get it going a couple times and it was fun.  Overall I liked being on the water.  He played volleyball with some guys at the beach.  That night we had the best dinner at Le Pressoir.  By Thursday we had both had enough sun and slept in and had lunch locally at Pizza Top.  We had eaten there in the rain the day we arrived.  Then we went back and slept some more – until 4:30!  We took a drive out to Point Blanche and came back to the hotel.  We split a salad and had drinks at the hotel restaurant.  We really needed a break.  Friday we went for a run and then out to the beach to snorkel.  We got dropped off at a small island off the coast and swam around for about an hour. I really like snorkeling. It is extremely relaxing and the little fishes are so cute.  I felt like I was invading their space.

We were starved and ate pizza and fries on the beach.  It was decadent.  We went back to our hotel and read and napped and then went out to dinner at L’Alabama.  The meal was delicious with lots of veggies and good seafood.  It was just what I needed after the pizza and fries!  It seems like we have the best conversations over dinner – maybe it’s the wine.  He appeared to like my black dress a lot.

Today we leave for home.  I am actually looking forward to being back in New York.  I am anxious to unpack.  This vacation was amazing and being in Los Angeles again will be fun, but it just seems to postpone starting my new life in New York.  I just want to get settled.

It has been good for us to spend a lot of time together.  We seem to do okay.  That’s sort of important if you’re going to spend the rest of your lives together.

Now –

A few days ago, the side of him that I do not like came out.  The next morning however, he was up early and came straight to the kitchen where I was putting dishes away.  His footsteps sounded oddly purposeful for 8:45 on a Saturday morning.  He came straight over and apologized for being short tempered the night before.  I grabbed the olive branch, we hugged.  That was a quick recovery.

Hope springs eternal.

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