Taking it Too Seriously

Then – April 5, 1998 – Actually April 6th 1am.

It is great not to have my time here be temporary.  I’m here for good – for now.  We spent time with friends – another couple.  They really are pretty fun.  I’m sure I’ll like them better once I get to know them.

I feel like I’m getting stuff done as I need to.  I want to stay organized and focused and me.  I want to feel that I am still in control of my life – even though I gave it all up.  Once I get a job, I’ll feel much better.

My cat and I spent some quality time together today.  I’m concerned however as she seems to be developing a cough.  Let’s hope it’s only a cold.

Tonight we saw Dangerous Beauty.  I thought the film was really well done.  He over analyzed it.  He could have gotten great sex out of it, but no – instead he picked the movie apart and upset me.  Granted it was drawn out, but geez – let’s just relax for a minute and not take ourselves so seriously!

Now – I look at the time (1am) when I wrote this and am sure that I was upset by his behavior after the movie.  I can remember it.  I couldn’t sleep.  I didn’t come out and write about it too negatively.  I think I was still trying to wish it away and keep some perspective.   Maybe I wasn’t taking the signs seriously enough.

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