Our Families as Part of Our Lives

Then – April 9, 1998

I am so excited – this just might all work out!  Today I went back for a second interview and was offered a job.  I just called back to accept and left a message.   Hopefully they still want me.  I can’t wait to get started and get working.  I need something to sink my teeth into.  It’s a great office with great people in a great location.  I think he is excited for me too.  I love him so much and can’t thank him enough for his love and support.

I also looked at lots of flights for both our moms to come visit us and later for us to go visit my mom. I am very excited about all of the plans we have so far.  I want our families to be a part of our happiness.

Now – We are on our way to visit my husband’s mother .  It’s been one and a half years since we have seen her and it was time.  She’s older, in good shape, but you never know.  I’d like my kids to remember her.  My youngest does not remember my mother.  He was too little when she died.  My father , as well as my husbands, died when we were in our teens.  My husband’s mother is really the only grandparent they have.  We’ll spend a couple days with her, but that will be enough for her to be around the chaos and for the kids to be bored and polite.

He has kept in touch with his mother, but oddly he has decided most of his siblings are people he does not want to be around.  I think there is one brother that he currently talks to, but he is on the west coast.  This makes it tough for me, as I think it’s important for my children to know their family.  Some of them they have been close to.  It’s not fair to expect them to grow up without them, after they started their lives with them.  The burden falls to me to make plans and keep up the contact.  It’s awkward.  We were invited to swim with the dolphins by my husband’s sister and her family.  He would rather miss that than spend one day at Discovery Cove all together.  I’m not even sure what happened with that relationship to make him feel this way.  At least he won’t stop me from taking the kids.  So much for wanting our families to be a part of our lives.


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