Better Days Together

Then – May 5, 1998

It was a very quick week.  I feel like I am getting into a schedule.  We had some good quality time together.  I really can enjoy his company.  On Sunday night we made sauce and had pasta for dinner.  It was good to relax at home after a pretty rough week.  Work went well, busy, but good.  I got some training and our president was in the New York office.  Most of the people I work with are pretty cool.  This helps.  I’m looking forward to adding more people to our office.  It makes it more fun.  We are going to outgrow our space soon.

He got me some lingerie – very cute blue undies and bra, and flowers to match.  That was pretty sweet.  We went for Indian food Friday night.  It was not as good as when we went with our Indian friends.  Saturday we shopped and went to a café for brunch – yum!  We made lasagna for dinner and went to a movie.  It was a good day.  Today we’re at work.  We went to the gym and are supposed to dine with friends tonight.  I hope we get together.  I really like the wife, but I’m not sure about us as a foursome.

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