We’ve Come a Long Way

Now – It’s been almost a year and a half since I thought my marriage and family life was ending.  It was devastating.  I was manic from the energy of panicking over all the impending changes.  I was beside myself with the thought up uprooting my children and ending the way of life as they had known it up to that point.  It all began to crumble Christmas 2011.

Then – December 2011

We took our fourth trip and the kids’ third trip to Grand Cayman in December of 2011.  It was truly heartbreaking for me.  We stayed at the same place we had stayed only a year before and had had such a great vacation.  This year I was scared to death he was going to ask me for a divorce.  We were visiting the Turtle Farm and the children had moved several tables away and into the sun to be warmer while eating their lunch.  He then proceeded to tell me that he would keep me around because the kids would be better off with two parents, but that our marriage was over.   I actually felt a wave of relief because I thought he was just going to tell me he was filing for a divorce. My marriage was safe for now and my children would not have to go through their parents splitting up.  I could breathe again.  Or so I thought.


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