Change of Seasons

May 26, 2013

Then – May 26, 1998

Don’t lose yourself in someone else.  A book maybe?  A struggle for sure.  I need to find me to share me.  I’m not falling into another trap.  I won’t do it.  What’s important to me?  My cat, baking, get some flowering plants, career and school, writing a book, running, eating what I want when I want, dancing…  I need to keep the journey going to find myself.  I will not fail.  Playing in the park, wandering, people watching, writing.  These are all things that are important to me.

Now – After so many years, I’m doing the writing!  Relationships are definitely a journey.  I’m still on the path to find myself and my relationship is part of that process.  At 45 I’m more comfortable with myself than I have ever been.  Life has been pretty smooth lately.  My daughter graduated from elementary school this past week.  My husband and I can take pride in the fact that we have two beautiful children to celebrate.   That seemed to be what brought us closer together this past week.   It made me realize we were doing something right!  Plus with school out there is less stress and less “have to do’s”.  The beginning of summer, a change of seasons, hope for better times.

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